Our Team

We are a team of fashion vets, technology-obsessed gurus, savvy investors and visual effects experts wielding many Awards. We together have applied our dazzling array of talents to create the user experience our customers and brand partners require. We hire for individual excellence, congeniality and immaculate good taste.

We’re a group of designers, analysts, writers, engineers, merchandisers, executives, planners, managers, and workers that believe there’s nothing chicer than a woman with a purpose and all that she does we’re here to support her . As a team, we’re scrappy, straightforward, strategic, and snack-oriented. We think big, but we sweat the details. We also take take our work seriously.

“We took the application one step further than other mobile shopping applications,” which developed the app. “By allowing Customers to upload an image of themselves, so they become their own virtual mannequin, on which to assemble outfits that they feel confident in purchasing.”

Moreover, the application allows the shopper to pull from 300 brands at once to complete a look at once without having to go from site to site, to purchase entire looks from many stores giving them the ability to complete their purchases.

“With this application, you no longer have to go to the stores to see what you would look like with a dress, shoes from DSW and a shirt from Saks. The clothes are all in one place, not in three different stores,” said Krishna Prasad, chief technology officer.