About RightFit

Our story

Shopping online and finding the right size has been an ongoing challenge for consumers from decades, and considering the considerable size variations across brands, which are very confusing, consumers are often left to rely on someone blindly while shopping the right Fit for themselves.

We started to wonder: what if they used the same concept but made it visual by overlaying garment silhouettes on screen? So with our knowledge of modern IT technology, we started working with some of the fashion world’s best pattern makers and online retail stores on the idea.

We’re a passionate and dynamic team aiming to resolve the challenges around sizing for both brands and customers. Our story started in December 2016 and since then we have been developing the most simple yet effective solutions which we are now ready to deploy.

With a mission to strive our customer expectation by providing high-quality services and products that provide calculated values to our clients. RightFit is focused on delivering outstanding mobile App solutions for a number of spheres such as retail, education, social networking, communication, business and so on.

Our Vision is to improve the efficiency of the delivered solution by providing high-quality software mechanism. Our expert team addresses client challenges with professional consultations that offer optimized decisions and cost-effective reliable solutions.

We have a social motto to deliver easier, better and safer solutions with an aim to be known as a symbol of reliability, innovation, and hard work.